The Guitar Shop supports local musicians by hosting Acoustic performances 2-3 times a month 

Lynn O'Brien

Lynn O'Brien

January 25th 7PM to 9 PM

Lynn is an amazing improviser whose canon of music is gigantic - her influences range from folk to jazz, blues to hip hop, musical theatre to classical. To say the very least she is a musical world unto herself."  -The Whole Time Improv Group

Lynn O’Brien is an award-winning vocalist,
songwriterand improviser with a powerful, dynamic voice and clear mission: to empower the soul. With many years of performance and recording experience under her belt, Lynn’s music blends genres like folk, blues, jazz and R&B. Her authentic voice, presence, and improvisational, interactive performing style build an immediate connection with audiences of all sizes. Through the years, Lynn has performed internationally and collaborated with artists across various mediums, from belly dancers to Bobby McFerrin himself. She just launched her brand new album RISING, which features a full band, string and brass sections, and a choir.

Mike Graebner

February 8th 7 PM to 9PM 

Mike is an accomplished Guitar player as well as one of our top stringed instrument Teachers at The Guitar Shop.  With over 25 years of teaching and performing all over the twin cities area, Mike is know for his work in commercials and presentations. 



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