Kerri Javorka

Violin - Voice

The violin/fiddle is one of the most versatile instruments in the world. One can hear the sound of violin in classical music, pop, soundtracks, jazz, EDM, country music, bluegrass, and roots music traditions from all over the globe. Kerri has dabbled in all these various genres over her 15+ years of professional experience in performing, recording, and teaching.


Currently, Kerri performs regularly with her bands “SisterTree” and “Smokin Joe”, performs as a solo artist, freelances as a session musician for recording studios, and has collaborated with numerous musicians both locally and abroad.


As an instructor, Kerri takes a casual but effective approach, tailoring lessons to the needs of the individual student. Her focus is on encouraging students to have fun and be creative, balanced by an emphasis on good fundamental techniques and developing skills like reading music and improvisation. This approach offers dedicated students the foundation and freedom to go any direction they desire.



Monday - Thursday  

Noon - 8 PM  




Noon - 6 PM  

10 AM - 4 PM  


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