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Here at CMG, we not only strive to build the best guitar that we can build, we want to make them affordable for as many people possible. We’ve got a growing network of Dealers and Customers that love what we do - and we’re grateful for them. We’re a young company that is founded on the musician first. We build instruments that we hope you’ll love to play.

Body: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Neck Construction: Two Piece
Neck Joint: Set Neck (Mortise and Tenon)
Fretboard: Rosewood
Top: Maple Arch Top
Binding: Masked

While some companies are innovating just to create a new product to sell, we innovate only when it benefits the player. You won’t see us change the spec on a guitar to accommodate bad technique. Instead, we innovate the instrument to make it subservient to the player. The guitar should feel like an extension of you - you shouldn’t have to fight it to get what you want.

Masked Binding

Our standard Ashlee model has “masked” binding - meaning the top of the guitar is masked off from the side, allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show!

“E” Bend Cut

Our lower horn is cut deeper than most single cut guitars on the market. We’ve cut the horn back below the 22nd fret. This allows you to bend a whole step on the high E String to that last “E”.


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